Danger in the Ice Caves

People out on frozen Lake Michigan at the ice caves


The day we went out to the ice caves on Lake Michigan it was the 34th day in a row that the temperatures were well below freezing, ranging from around 10° degrees Fahrenheit to -17 below. The ice was pretty solid.

​The weather has changed since then, hitting a high of 43 degrees yesterday.

Today it is 37 degrees and what does that mean for the ice?  It’s melting!  Yes, the ice on Lake Michigan is thick, but it will begin cracking and shifting as it continues to turn back into open water.

This makes for extremely dangerous conditions.

There is the possibility of falling through the ice into the icy water with little chance of getting out.  There is also the danger of these huge ice forms falling on you.

Please don’t go out there!  Enjoy the view from here:



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