I’ve been Chasing Rainbows-You’re in for a Rare Treat!

There are many great things about Traverse City.  One of them is that you can be downtown, and in just ten short minutes you can be out in beautiful rural farmlands.

There are small hobby farms and micro farms that supply local foods, as well as larger production farms. The main crops grown in the area are apples, grapes and cherries (Traverse City is known as the Cherry Capital of the World).

You’ll find locally sourced foods on the menu in restaurants all around the area.  This local emphasis is a contributing factor in the growing reputation of Traverse City being a Foodie Town.

I visited a farm today that offers a commodity you probably won’t want to eat.  This Iris Farm is open to the public when the flowers are in bloom.  They also grow Day Lilly’s.

To get there from downtown Traverse City, you head west on M-72 about ten minutes. The Iris Farm is on the right. And when it’s in bloom, you can’t miss it.

Out in the Iris field Traverse City Michigan

Out in the Iris field

Pull right into the driveway and park in the back by the barn.

Iris Farm from parking lot

Iris Farm from parking lot

From there you can walk through the gardens and cut your own fresh bouquets.

Walking out onto the Iris Farm

Walking out onto the Iris Farm

Or you can rest near the farmhouse and enjoy the views.

Lovely sitting area at the Iris Farm

Lovely sitting area

White barn at Iris Farm

White barn at Iris Farm

There are fresh cut stems available in the barn as well.  They also take orders ​for rhizomes so you can have your own plants. The farmer will ship them to you when the time is right.

Iris Bakers Dozen

Iris Bakers Dozen

It rained last night, and some of the flowers are still dotted with raindrops.

Rain drops on Purple Iris

Rain drops on Purple Iris

Many were still in great shape. I really enjoyed looking at all of the unique varieties.

Peaches and Cream Iris

Peaches and Cream Iris

So many colors. Which one is your favorite?

Purple and White Iris

Some of the flowers were a little damaged by the heavy rains, but I still found a lot of near perfect blooms.

Purple Iris

Purple Iris

The farmer said more blooms open every day. There are plenty just waiting for you to pick.

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris

This is truly a rare treat. Would you agree?

Rare Treat Iris

Iris Farm outside Traverse City Michigan

Beautiful purple Iris

As you can see, you just never know what you’ll find when you’re chasing rainbows in Traverse City!  Hope you enjoy the view!

Chasing Rainbows

Poppy on the Iris Farm


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