Long Lake-Taylor Township Park

Spend a day at Taylor Park with friends and family for good old fashioned fun in the sun.

Taylor Park Long Lake

Taylor Park on Long Lake

The park is located on North Long Lake Road in Traverse City, Michigan just across the road from Long Lake Grocery. Long Lake Grocery, an up north classic, is a nostalgic sort of place with creaky wood floors and lots of charm. They have cold refreshments and make sandwiches and pizza. Many people who live on the lake enjoy the convenience of the public dock and pick up their pizza from their boat.

Pizza pick up from Long Lake Grocery

Pizza pick up from Long Lake Grocery

Looking down the dock on Long Lake Traverse City

View from the shoreline

This view off the dock shows how crystal clear the water is. And it is surprisingly warm for such a large and deep lake. Especially considering it was frozen solid not too many weeks ago.

View off the dock on Long Lake Traverse City

View off the dock

The sandy beach is well maintained by the township who rakes any debris that washes up on shore daily. It’s a great place to bring little ones to play.

Long Lake dock in Grand Traverse County

Dockside on Long Lake

The swimming area is clearly marked with buoys. And there is plenty of space to play on the beach.  Even on busy days it doesn’t seem crowded in the water here.

Buoys on Long Lake Traverse City Michigan

Buoys on Long Lake

The lake bottom is nice, firmly packed sand with sparsely scattered smooth rocks.  It is very easy on the feet to walk out in the water!

Sandy bottom Long Lake

Sandy bottom great for swimming

Taylor Park is a handicap accessible park with a paved sidewalk coming down from the parking lot, a cement patio near the water with two accessible picnic tables, and a sand beach access mat down to the water.

Handicap accessible beach

Handicap accessible beach

Picnic tables and grills are available for your use.​

Picnic table Taylor Park Traverse City Michigan

Picnic table

Just remember to pack your charcoal.

charcoal grill taylor park long lake traverse city michigan

Charcoal grills

If you make a mess at your picnic, there is even running water for cleaning up. Well sort of running. Remember pumping for water? This will take you back! I love the squeaky sound the pump makes. It reminds me of when I was little.  When we use to go camping Mom and Dad would send us kids to fill up the water jugs. It is a little bit of work, but well worth it.

Water pump

Water pump

The pump also comes in handy after playing in the sand. You can rinse your feet before getting back in the car to go home. So don’t let the thought of a sandy vehicle keep you from building sand castles with your little ones.

Sandcastle on Long Lake Traverse City Michigan


The township maintains clean outhouses onsite as well, so no need to rush off when the need arises.

Long Lake Taylor Park Public Beach public restroom outhousel

Facilities on site

With ample space for family picnics, the beautiful sandy beach and plenty of shade to get out of the sun, you can easily spend an entire day relaxing at Taylor Park in Traverse City.

Shady area Talyor Park

Shady areas


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