Simple Sandwich Satisfies

We were busy running around town and wanted a quick and easy lunch. I just wanted to feed the kids but wasn’t up for the whole event of a sit down restaurant and didn’t want to feed them fast food either. Leone’s would be perfect.​

Leones Ice Cream in Traverse City

Located on 14th street just behind the football stadium, Leone’s​ has been a Traverse City landmark for many years.  It’s a simple soft serve ice cream shop.  Plus they have simple deli style sandwiches and hot dogs. When I say simple deli style, they are more like lunch box style.  Deli’s aren’t usually that simple anymore with artisan this and artisan that.  You know what I mean.

Deli sandwich at Leones in Traverse City

We ordered a pulled pork on a kaiser bun and a turkey sandwich which came (with a pickle) and a side of potato salad.  It was a good quick lunch without being fast food.  Just what I was looking for.  We were satisfied and it cost me under $10 to feed the kids!

PICNIC ALERT: Your sandwiches come wrapped in those classic red and white checkered paper wraps, so it would be super easy to stop on the way to the park or the beach and fill your cooler.

Ice Cream!  Traverse City

Although, you’d have to eat your dessert first! We had ours on the way out the door. Errands to run! 🙂

Leone’s Frosty Treat

424 W 14th St

Traverse City, Michigan 49684

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