Do You Know This Gnome?

Gnome on Spider Lake in Grand Traverse County

This gnome was spotted on the shores of Spider Lake.

Notice the interesting tree he is hiding under.  By some unusual circumstances, this pine tree grew three trunks.  I found him taking shelter underneath.

If only he could talk- I’d love to hear about what he’s seen from the base of that three legged tree.  If you were really patient (like I suspect he is), you could see some interesting wildlife.  I’m sure of it.

I used to be more patient than I am now.  Back then I frequently had chickadee’s eating out of my hand.  Now days, not so much.  I am out for the more instantaneous kind of gratification these days. (I should work on that.) I’d say this gnome is definitely more patient than me.

Have you spotted any gnomes in Grand Traverse?


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