A Taste of Detroit on M22

market22 on Little Traverse Lake Leelanau County from the road

Right across from Little Traverse Lake on M-22 north of Maple City in Leelanau County, I found a little piece​ of t​​​he big D.  From the antique truck at the edge of the driveway to one of the best square pizza’s I’ve had in a long time, this little market is a nostalgic reflection of the best that Michigan has to offer.

Market 22 sits across from Little Traverse Lake in Leelanau County

Market 22 sits across from Little Traverse Lake

Market 22 was carefully crafted out of an antique barn on the side of a road near Glen Lake, Michigan.  The interior is warm and inviting with an eclectic mix of re-purposed woods and chalkboard menu signs.

market22 on Little Traverse Lake Leelanau County cool decor

The first (chalkboard) sign I noticed after stepping inside the warm inviting space, said “Featuring Detroit Style Pizza in the true automotive blue steel pans”.  When I asked what was a Detroit style pizza, the answer was, “like Buddy’s“.  Ah, yes,  I know Buddy’s Pizza.  A famous chain of restaurants in the Detroit area serving up incredible slices of the original square pizza.  So we had to order one and see how it compared. The pizza came out really hot and my family was very hungry so they all dug in before I could snap a picture of the whole thing.  But doesn’t it look delicious?  It really was.

Detroit style pizza from market22 on Little Traverse Lake Leelanau County

Detroit Style pizza in Leelanau County

The question is, can it be compared it to Buddy’? If you haven’t tried Buddy’s, you can check them out at www.buddyspizza.com.  Here is an example of the accolades they have received for their pizza.

In 2012 Buddy’s was featured as “One of the Five Great Pizza Places in the Country” by Parade Magazine and chosen by Zagat as a “Destination Pizza and Ten Pizzas Worth a Trip.” The late Detroit Free Press columnist Bob Talbert wrote: “Is Buddy’s the best pizza? It sure is, because it is the one that all the others are compared to.”


Back to Market 22. The chalkboard sign says it’s baked in automotive style pizza pans.  I had to ask about those too.  According to www.prweb.com;

Authentic Detroit Style Pizza pans are a slice of Motor City history. Once used as parts trays by Detroit’s auto manufacturers, the square-shaped pans are made from steel. Each pan is specially-prepared to bake Detroit Style Pizza with a three-hour seasoning process that involves several cycles of coating and baking.


I know square pizza.  My family loves it.  I’ve had some good square pizza and some I don’t care to have again.  So I ordered a 12 square pizza with pepperoni for my family.   They have some tables set up so you can eat in, or take out.

market22 on Little Traverse Lake Leelanau County cool palette tables

I think this is the best pan pizza I’ve ever had” says the oldest child.  We’ve been to Buddy’s many times. Bear in mind, this is only our opinion, but we say yes.  Yes, Market 22’s Detroit style pizza bids well against Buddy’s. I dare say they’ve met their match.  But you should really be the judge.

You can get your own square at:

Market 22

497 East Harbor Highway

Maple City, Michigan 49664

(231) 228-6422

Mon – Tue: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thu – Sat: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


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