Bud’s – Memories of Summer Camp at Interlochen, Michigan

I grew up camping in Interlochen. One of the places that we use to stop at every year was Bud’s Resort Service. It was the place to go for souvenirs, fishing tackle, the daily newspaper and donuts. Bud’s is a different place today. You can still get the souvenirs and the donuts. And they still have newspapers, but most people enjoy the WIFI and connect to the outside world with their own device these days. You cannot get tackle or live bait at Bud’s today, but go there one time, and you’ll be hooked.

Buds Interlochen

Reminiscent of the past

If you’re fishing for a healthy snack or something for your sweet tooth, you’ll find something to satisfy at Bud’s.

Chocolate chip and cherry chunk cookies at Buds in Interlochen

Bakery items

Fresh squeezed orange juice and yogurt parfaits at Buds Interlochen

Fresh squeezed orange juice and yogurt parfaits

Eat in, or you can take it back to camp with you. They ask that you please call ahead for special orders or more than two dozen donuts if you’re feeding a crowd.

Special order baked goods at Bud's Interlochen

Special order baked goods

Looking for a specialty coffee drink? The Mocha Chiller is my husband’s favorite. I mean his absolute favorite. To be clear, his favorite frozen mocha drink EVER comes from Buds. He says it’s by far the best anywhere. My guess would be it’s because they use real ice cream to make it. It’s chocolaty, and has a very good coffee flavor and still is not too sweet. (He gets the whipped cream for me!)

Mocha Chiller at Buds Interlochen

Mocha Chiller

But if you’re looking for just a regular cup, the coffee bar is self-serve. I helped myself to Bud’s Blend and it was a good and strong cup of java.

Buds of Interlochen Coffee

Buds Blend Coffee

Not sure what they’re serving (what brand), but it was really good coffee.

Bud's of Interlochen breakfast to go-bagels and coffee

Bud’s breakfast to go-bagels and coffee…yum!

My son ordered an Herbed Asiago Cheese Bagel, toasted with cream cheese. And he said it was delicious. It looks fire grilled to me.

Herbed  Asiago Cheese Bagel, toasted with cream cheese at Bud's of Interlochen

Herb Asiago Cheese Bagel, toasted w/cream cheese

We also ordered a Fanfare Panini (grilled chicken breast, mozzarella, tomato, red onion and pesto mayo on sourdough) to taste. It was as good as it looked. The chicken was very tender, but I was looking for a stronger pesto flavor since I absolutely LOVE pesto!

Fanfare Panini at Bud's of Interlochen

Fanfare Panini

Looking around, I couldn’t help but reminiscent about summer and camping in the old days. It’s like Interlochen meets antique archeology in here, with artifacts like old lanterns, fishing gear and even an old canoe. Isn’t the tree cool? They really brought the outdoors in.

Vintage motel sign at Bud's of Interlochen

Vintage Motel Sign

I feel like I’m in a rustic cabin and in the woods at the same time. Adding to the ambiance is a beautiful fieldstone fireplace. I am going to have to come back with a good book on some snowy winter day to enjoy a warm fire burning in it.

Stone Fireplace and vintage snowshoes at Bud's of Interlochen

Stone Fireplace

In the summer, it can get pretty busy in here, especially if Interlochen Center for the Arts is in session or if there is a big concert that evening. A large group of campers in their signature blue shirts came in right behind us. We had good timing today.

Booth at Bud's of Interlochen

Booth at Bud’s

You may want to sit outside and enjoy the outdoor covered patio. The rustic camp theme flows right out into the (current day) great outdoors. It’s a great spot to hang out.

Outdoor seating at Bud's

Outdoor seating at Bud’s

Whether you have old memories of summer camp or you are making new memories at Interlochen, you need to include a stop at Bud’s in your overall Interlochen experience.

Buds Coffee and Ice Cream

Buds Coffee and Ice Cream

If you’re in a hurry, no need to miss out. They do have a drive through.

Bud's Drive Thru

Bud’s Drive Thru


3061 M-137

Interlochen, Michigan 49643




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