The Spectacular View from Eden Hill

Grand Traverse View Pink Fushia for my garden from my trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse

Apparently, (according to this farmer that my cousin talked to at a farmers market downstate) after the peepers start singing, if you count three hard frosts, it’ll be okay to plant. When you’re downstate in Michigan, it is typically safe to plant on Memorial Day weekend. Up north, in the Grand Traverse area, you may want to wait until the first of June. Or if you listen to the old farmers who would know, you can plant anytime after the 3rd frog frost regardless.

The nighttime low temperatures are rising and I cannot wait any longer. This morning I decided to go see the best growers I know. Eden Hill Greenhouse is small outfit on the west end of the Grand Traverse area in Benzie County, Michigan.

Pete and Tim Volas own the business and oversee all of the growing. Pete had been a vegetable farmer in Missouri before he moved to Michigan about 30 years ago, and while began with veggies here as well, he soon converted his business to growing wholesale flowers. You may know Tim from the Traverse City Farmers Market. They always have the most beautiful chrysanthemums in the fall.

Grand Traverse View My trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse

After Tim graduated from college, he came back to the area to join the family business. About ten years ago, Pete’s wife Barbara (Tim’s Mom) became ill. It was a very challenging time for the family all the way around. Running a business only added to the difficulties they were experiencing. In order to lighten the demand from the greenhouses, they converted the business once again, moving away from wholesale they began selling directly to the public.

Opening to the public has proven to be a good decision for the Volas family. It has certainly been a great thing for those of us who get to shop here too. Stepping into this greenhouse is an experience so incredible they could easily be charging admission. But don’t tell them that!

Grand Traverse View meets the welcoming committee at Eden Hill Greenhouses

The Welcoming Committee

Meet Otto. The first thing I saw today when getting out of my car was this face. The picture is a little blurry, and it’s even upside down because I wasn’t ready for him. And by the time I was, he was off to greet the next person. But in my brief encounter with Otto, he brought a smile to my face.

The next thing I saw, brought another one. It was this perfect lilac. Of course it’s not part of the inventory, just a bonus for me there at the edge of the parking lot enhancing the view. So I had to share it with you.

The lilac's are in bloom in Grand Traverse County!

The view from inside the greenhouse offers an even more spectacular view. The display is an explosion of color. You’ll find the selection is superior quality with plants ranging from fresh herbs to cactus. And you’ll find the most amazing hanging baskets ever.

Grand Traverse View

I took the above picture just inside the central greenhouse where Pet and Tim have assembled a nice variety of annuals for our easy shopping. You can see gerbera daisies, geraniums, petunias, fuchsia and the most beautiful coleus. You can call this one stop shopping and be perfectly satisfied or you can venture into the other greenhouses.That would be my recommendation.

Grand Traverse View trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse Succulents

There are five greenhouses all together and I found these succulents in one of the greenhouses out on the other side of the drive. There are a lot of unusual plants in this one, many of which are not picture. You’ll have to go there to see them and when you get there, you won’t find planters like this just anywhere. These are really special.

Grand Traverse View Flowers for my Garden from Eden Hill Greenhouse

Outside, centered between two of the greenhouses is where you’ll find the perennials all lined up. Whether you are looking for annuals, perennials, flowers for you or for a friend, or just the experience, you’ll find something that delights you.

I highly recommend you stop by Eden Hill. Tell them I sent you! 😉

Grand Traverse View trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse Perennials Outside

Eden Hill Greenhouse & Nursery


2034 Eden Hill Road
Beulah, Michigan 49617

Here’s how to get there. It’s at the top of the hill on U.S. Route 31 just before you go around the bend and down the hill heading into downtown Beulah (coming from Grand Traverse County). You’ll turn west on Lincoln Road by the Presbyterian Church-the one with the big windows that overlook the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The map below is a link to help you out along with some visuals that may help guide you. Look for these signs and the church on the hill at the corner of Lincoln Road and U.S. Route 31. You’re going to actually cross Eden Hill Road and enter off of Lincoln to the back of the greenhouses. Parking is a little tight, but if you pull down the dirt road that winds through the greenhouses you’ll find a spot.

Bing Maps link for Eden Hill Greenhouse on Grand Traverse View

Grand Traverse View trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse sign on the roadGrand Traverse View trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse Church onthe way

Grand Traverse View trip to Eden Hill Greenhouse sign on the road

“Big Swelling Heaps of Gratitude”

“Big swelling heaps of gratitude”, wrote his wife, Ann Davis in an open and compelling letter to Josh’s music fans. She is asking for your vote so her husband, Joshua Davis to make it to the finals of The Voice on NBC.

Are you watching? Are you watching The Voice this season? Prior to this season’s beginning, Joshua Davis was actively singing in and around the Grand Traverse area. Now he’s on a national stage every week. He’s one of the top five finalists on The Voice.

He’s a local favorite. He teaches, motivates and gives back to our community. Josh has taught music to my friends children and he’s a good guy. He just gave us a shout out on the show, with a tribute to his hometown, Traverse City.

If you’re watching The Voice, and you love Josh’s music, please take the time to vote. And if you’re not watching The Voice this season, you can go over to YouTube and see some clips of the show and take a listen. Here’s a view of Josh doing Stings popular song, “Fields of Gold”. Continue reading

Man cave, meets garage, meets warehouse-Workshop Brewing Company in T.C.

Grand Traverse View Reviews the Workshop Brewing Company Traverse City MichiganThere’s a lot of testosterone in this place. And creativity. Filled with authentic industrial pieces, this warehouse space is home to the Workshop Brewing Company’s tap room.

It’s like the man cave, meets garage, meets warehouse. Some of the tables are actually constructed of table saws with glass tops. The sign on the wall looks hand-made with a simple logo that I suspect some of the guys behind the bar had a hand in. Even the lighting is a reflection of the ingenuity that creates this masculine and inviting decor.

Grand Traverse View Worksho Brewing beer bottle light fixtures

The menu board offers a nice selection with a range from light to dark plus several bourbon barrel brews. The bartender was helpful in our decision making. I find it’s often challenging to narrow down to just a few in a place like this.

Grand Traverse View Workshop Brewing menu

The Beer

Continue reading