“Big Swelling Heaps of Gratitude”

“Big swelling heaps of gratitude”, wrote his wife, Ann Davis in an open and compelling letter to Josh’s music fans. She is asking for your vote so her husband, Joshua Davis to make it to the finals of The Voice on NBC.

Are you watching? Are you watching The Voice this season? Prior to this season’s beginning, Joshua Davis was actively singing in and around the Grand Traverse area. Now he’s on a national stage every week. He’s one of the top five finalists on The Voice.

He’s a local favorite. He teaches, motivates and gives back to our community. Josh has taught music to my friends children and he’s a good guy. He just gave us a shout out on the show, with a tribute to his hometown, Traverse City.

If you’re watching The Voice, and you love Josh’s music, please take the time to vote. And if you’re not watching The Voice this season, you can go over to YouTube and see some clips of the show and take a listen. Here’s a view of Josh doing Stings popular song, “Fields of Gold”.

These popular music shows can be somewhat involved in terms of voting. If you go over to https://earthworkmusic.com/davisnation, they will make it easy for you. Earthwork Music Collective is a group of musicians promoting independent music in our great state and Josh is associated with them.

Coincidentally, another Voice top five finalist has been a fan of that great Michigan based music. Sawyer Fredericks sang one of his personal favorites called “Shine On” on the show that is by May Erlewine. May is one of the original musicians of Earthwork Music Collective. I saw May perform “Shine On” years ago, when she went by Daisy May. Here is Sawyer’s version of it. I really love May’s music. My favorite of hers is “Rise Up Singing”.

Since the very beginning of the season, I have been hoping to see Joshua Davis and Sawyer Fredericks on The Voice Finale. It looks like I just may see my wish come true. Can you please help me get my wish? I too, would have heaps of gratitude if I could see my two fav’s as the two finalists on the show.

Thanks for reading. Now go vote! Please and thank you 🙂

Voting is open now through tomorrow at noon.

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